miroslaw_dabrowskiMirosław Dąbrowski is Ambassador Poland at the ASL BiSL Foundation, independent consultant, agile coach, trainer and courseware author. As a passionate trainer with 10 years of continual experience, he delivers authorized/accredited courses, workshops and business simulations from APMG International, CIW, CompTIA, GamingWorks, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Oracle, PECB, Zend Technologies. He has trained more than 1500 people across Europe. As a courseware lead author he designed 25+ accredited courseware materials from ASL 2, BiSL, Agile, AXELOS, DSDM, risk and security domains. He freely shares his knowledge via his 50+ interactive mind maps including mindmaps from ASL 2 and BiSL. Please take a look at ASL2 Mindmap on Mindmeister.com and BiSL Mindmap on Mindmeister.com.

In 2014, he initiated a translation programme for ASL BiSL Foundation to synergize and align all 10 translations of both frameworks. He also visually refreshed design of both frameworks, bringing more clarity and simplicity to ASL and BiSL models.

Mirosław Dąbrowski

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  • Friday February 13th, 2015 at 08:34 PM

    Miroslaw, could you please contact me thru my e-mail since I need to talk with you about a document that is posted in your website.



  • Sunday February 22nd, 2015 at 07:02 PM

    Hello Marcio,

    answering to your question, on my website you will find ASL2 and BiSL frameworks scalable and searchable (CTRL+F) posters of both frameworks (original size is A3). You can download them and print them with paper any size – since they are scalable and no quality is lost due to scaling. You will find those posters at:
    – ASL2: http://miroslawdabrowski.com/downloads/ASL2/
    – BiSL: http://miroslawdabrowski.com/downloads/BiSL/

    You may also be interested looking at Machteld Meijer personal website dedicated to ASL2, BiSL and related topics. She has made w big contribution for promoting those fremeworks:
    – Machteld Meijer personal website: http://www.maise.nl/

    Also don’t forget to look at Jasper Maas personal website, where you will find a lot of information dedicated to Business Information Management (BIM) and BiSL framework:
    – Jasper Maas personal website: http://www.bislexpert.nl/

    In case of any question don’y hesitate to ask me or other people begind ABF. 🙂



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