Mark Smallley with worldOn behalf of the ASL BiSL Foundation, Mark Smalley will be presenting at eight events around the globe: in Austria, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, UK and Japan.


22 September 2016: DevOps Linz, Kill DevOps

29 September 2016: ‘SDI Shine, Choose your own improvement battles’


4-6 October 2016: BRM Connect in Amsterdam: ‘It takes two to tango – but does BRM lead or follow?

26-27 October 2016: itSMF Denmark: ‘Sell me this IT’


7-10 November 2016: itSMF Sweden: Roadshow ‘Service Onboarding’

14 November 2016: University of Tartu, Estonia: Guest lecture ‘The changing role of the IT function in digital enterprises’

22 November 2016: itSMF UK: ‘Kill DevOps’

29-30 November 2016: itSMF Japan: ‘IT is too important to leave to IT’

Sept 2016: Speaking engagements around the globe H2 2016

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