In April, Mark Smalley spoke at the ICT Expo in Helsinki. This annual tradeshow attracted about 5000 visitors, which, for a relatively small country, impressed him. Read his blog!‘In my talk “It takes two to tango” I spoke about the need for business and IT to collaborate as equally talented dancing partners, and how BiSL® helps the business to fulfil their role. Not only did I have the honour of being on the same bill as Edward Snowden (Freedom of the Press Foundation), but I also met Katri Kolesnik, managing editor for the IT Standard for Business, which is supported by a non-profit foundation.

Mark Smalley and Katri Kolesnik
Mark Smalley and Katri Kolesnik

The Standard is pretty big in Finland and is starting to attract interest from other countries as far as Japan and Australia. As an ambassador at the non-profit ASL BiSL Foundation, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with other communities by sharing knowledge and exploring how this can benefit our respective communities. We had an encouraging exchange, which resulted in mutual exploration of each other’s body of knowledge. The Standard gives high-level guidance across most of the IT domain, and refers to other frameworks for guidance in specific areas. This recent article of theirs illustrates that we seem to have common interests and regard ourselves as complementary rather than competitive. We’re currently working on a substantive mapping of the IT Standard for Business and BiSL®, and will publish this in due course.’

Dec 15, 2016: IT Standard for Business and BiSL: “a perfect fit for IT business value creation”

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