Mark Smalley, Ambassador-in-Chief at the not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation, was invited to chair the ALM conference in London on February 28th, 2013. He made some interesting observations.

In a poll in which the attendees – most of which worked for IT departments – could choose their highest IT priority from:
1. Lowering cost of IT
2. Improving reliability of IT
3. Increasing speed of change of IT
4. Using IT to improve business efficiency
5. Using IT to improve business revenue
the votes were more or less equally divided over 2 and 5.

So, ‘improving reliability of IT’ and ‘using IT to improve business efficiency’ were considered more important than ‘reducing the costs of IT’.

Download the write-up for more observations:
2013-02 Write up UNICOM event ALM v01

Feb 28, 2013: Application Lifecycle Management Conference (Unicom)

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