In the past year, Edwin Rakhorst researched the ideal size of business information management organizations in the context of his studies at the University of Applied Sciences ‘Windesheim’ in The Netherlands.

More and more companies recognize that the successful deployment of IT is highly dependent on a professional IT Demand organization. Therefore, many companies try to professionalize their IT Demand organization, or, as we call it: ‘Business Information Management’ organization. However, the business case for this is often difficult to make. Often, we don’t know what is market compliant. How many Business Information Managers are required at a certain maturity level of the user organization or size of the application portfolio? Often, Business Information Managers are seen as overhead and their added value is not clear right away.

The field research is based on the practices of five organizations with staff numbers from 800 to 30,000 employees.

Download here the research report (in Dutch):
2013-01 Onderzoeksrapport Sizing Business Informatiemanagement organisatie v1.1
2013-01 Bijlage A bij Sizing Business Informatiemanagement organisatie
2013-01 Bijlage B bij Sizing Business Informatiemanagement organisatie




Nov 6, 2013 : Benchmark study ‘Sizing of IT Demand organization’ is ready

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