In 2007 the NEN, the Dutch Standardization Institute, introduced the Dutch Standard for Application Management, the NEN 3434. This local standard was developed in cooperation with the ASL BiSL Foundation and was based on ASL.

Within ISO/IEC, an international study group started in May 2011 with the aim to develop an international standard for application management,. This study group was chaired by the ASL BiSL Foundation. Material from the Application Services Library, ASL ® and the Dutch standard for application management, the NEN 3434, has been used to develop the international standard for application management, the ISO/IEC 16350.

On August 1, 2015, the ISO/IEC 16350 for Application Management has been published at the ISO Store. You can preview and order the international standard here:
ISO/IEC 16350:2015.

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