2012: BiSL® – A framework for Business Information Management – 2nd Edition

Remko van der Pols, Ralph Donatz, Frank van Outvorst, Van Haren Publishing, 2012.

This second, revised edition describes the process framework for business information management: the Business Information Services Library, BiSL®– a public domain standard that is consistent with ITIL® and the Application Services Library, ASL®.

March 18, 2015: Round Table ‘Enterprise DevOps’ #1 in 2015

This year, the ASL BiSL Foundation together with itSMF and Agile Consortium is organizing a series of roundtable sessions about ‘Enterprise DevOps’ in The Netherlands.

Under the title ‘DevOps Dialogues’, we will discuss the following topics in a select group:

  • DevOps, what did you get out of it?
  • Culture and DevOps
  • DevOps in the Enterprise

This first round table session in 2015 took place at Schuberg Philis in The Netherlands.

Blog ‘Is the Business the Weakest Link in the IT Value Chain?’

‘IT departments have invested – and are still investing – an enormous amount of time and money in improvement of the maturity of their capabilities to deliver the IT services to the business. But supply is only one part of the IT value chain: there’s also demand and use….’

Read Mark Smalley’s interesting thoughts at APMG’s blog home, and find out how COBIT5® and BiSL® can help.