Why BiSL®?
In recent years various organizations started structuring and professionalizing their business information management. The reason for this increased attention and the ongoing professionalization of business information management derives from the follwing developments:

From reducing IT-costs to enabling innovation with IT
Organizations need to cut costs. IT expenditure and investments have been significantly reduced in recent years. However, little attention has been payed to the role IT can play in supporting organisations in their need for innovation. Organisations are looking for ways of breaking out of this impasse.

The need to obtain grip on information provisioning (*)
When it comes to control of information provisioning, often there is insufficient coordination within organizations between the strategic level and the operational level of business information management. The control of information provisioning is therefore fragmented.

Outsourcing of IT operations
Outsourcing places high demands on the maturity of both contractor and client. The informal relationship between internal customers and internal IT department changes. The relationship is replaced by formal business agreements. While IT vendors have long been working on professionalization, the demand organizations should not stay behind and should grow to a higher maturity level. A professional business information management sees to it that the needs of the end users be completed by the IT supplier satisfactorily. A mature IT demand organization appears to be an important success factor in outsourcing deals.

Organizations strive to standardize their information provisioning
Many large, complex organizations composed of several business units, have tried to standardize their information provisioning as much as possible in recent years. However, if the demands of different business units within the organization are not on a line, the results will be insufficient. In such cases it is necessary to standardize the IT demand organization .

That’s why BiSL!
Business information management was discovered to be the most important organizational function, since it is at the beginning of the information provisioning chain. Organizations are looking for a means to strengthen the client’s role, and the strategic and operational business information management in order to bolster this function. BiSL provides a generally practicable and accessible framework and related best practices to help implement business information management processes.

(*) Information provisioning is the total of automated and non-automated information systems, procedures, infrastructures, etc. necessary to provide all of the information that is needed to perform the business processes.

BiSL® is a Registered Trademark of ASL BiSL Foundation

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