July 29, 2018: New community manager

Dear community,

To support future developments and in line with our international ambitions, we signed a Letter of Intent for cooperation with CIONET and ITWNET on July 1st 2018.

CIONET is an international IT network, active in fifteen countries, with some 7,000 CIOs connected worldwide. ITWNET is an online community for IT professionals with 270,000 members worldwide (of which 70,000 in NL) in various LinkedIn groups.

June 6, 2016: European Commission mentions ASL in ICT ‘foundational Body of Knowledge’

The European Commission has taken the initiative to a ‘foundational body of knowledge’ (fBOK) for ICT Professionals. This is one of the results of the e-Skills program that runs for some time now. The  ultimate aim is at fostering the competences and the mobility of ICT practitioners in Europe.