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Dear community,

To support future developments and in line with our international ambitions, we signed a Letter of Intent for cooperation with CIONET and ITWNET on July 1st 2018.

CIONET is an international IT network, active in fifteen countries, with some 7,000 CIOs connected worldwide. ITWNET is an online community for IT professionals with 270,000 members worldwide (of which 70,000 in NL) in various LinkedIn groups.

The aim of the collaboration is to give a boost to the international distribution of ASL and BiSL while at the same time connecting existing target groups in the Netherlands more closely.

Part of the collaboration is the transfer of a large part of tasks to Floortje Akkerman. She is currently already community and event manager for CIONET. Beside this role, Floortje will from now on fulfill the following tasks for the ASL BiSL community in the Netherlands:
– Marketing and PR;
– Organizing meetings and events;
– Relationship management and member recruitment.

For international activities in collaboration with ITWNET, Alejandro Debenedet will be the primary contact person.

Other tasks, such as financial administration and contract management, will be carried out by Lucille and Hans van Herwaarden for the time being.

Email Alejandro Debenedet: alejandro.debenedet@itwnet.com
Email Floortje Akkerman: floortje.akkerman@aslbislfoundation.org

July 29, 2018: New community manager

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