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  • Freitag, der 13. Februar 2015 um 20:34

    Miroslaw, could you please contact me thru my e-mail since I need to talk with you about a document that is posted in your website.



  • Sonntag, der 22. Februar 2015 um 19:02

    Hello Marcio,

    answering to your question, on my website you will find ASL2 and BiSL frameworks scalable and searchable (CTRL+F) posters of both frameworks (original size is A3). You can download them and print them with paper any size – since they are scalable and no quality is lost due to scaling. You will find those posters at:
    – ASL2: http://miroslawdabrowski.com/downloads/ASL2/
    – BiSL: http://miroslawdabrowski.com/downloads/BiSL/

    You may also be interested looking at Machteld Meijer personal website dedicated to ASL2, BiSL and related topics. She has made w big contribution for promoting those fremeworks:
    – Machteld Meijer personal website: http://www.maise.nl/

    Also don’t forget to look at Jasper Maas personal website, where you will find a lot of information dedicated to Business Information Management (BIM) and BiSL framework:
    – Jasper Maas personal website: http://www.bislexpert.nl/

    In case of any question don’y hesitate to ask me or other people begind ABF. 🙂



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