In December, Miroslaw Dabrowksi, our ASL BiSL ambassador from Poland visited the headquarters of the ASL BiSL Foundation in The Netherlands, meeting with managing director Lucille van der Hagen.

Miroslaw also participated in the Dutch National Management & IT Symposium ‘Co-create’, where he met many other active members of our community.

20141212%20mirek%20in%20utrecht%20small[1]Miroslaw contributes a lot to the translation of the ASL and BiSL process models, the glossaries and lists of definitions. Also, he has developed mindmaps for ASL and BiSL and a timeline, showing the history of these frameworks and the foundation that promotes and maintains these. While visiting us, he adviced us on the new multilingual website which will soon go live.

Many thanks, Miroslaw!

Polish ASL BiSL ambassador in The Netherlands

One thought on “Polish ASL BiSL ambassador in The Netherlands

  • Wednesday February 11th, 2015 at 06:57 AM

    Thank you for inviting and for wonderful visit! And most importantly thank you for letting me be a part of ASL BiSL Foundation family! Let’s make IT a better place for us all. 🙂


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