In may 2017 Wim van ’t Einde visited the ISO-conference of SC7 (Software and Systemsengineering) in Kuantan (Malaysia). This subcommittee published the ISO 16350:2015 (Application Management; the ISO-version of ASL2).

During the conference several parts of ISO 16350 were adopted in other standards and studygroups. The new chair of SC7, Sundeep Oberoi, was introduced in the processes and benefits of ISO 16350.

In workinggroup 7 (Lifecycle management) a resolution was adopted to write a technical report with the mapping of ISO 16350 to the original framework ASL2. The first concept of this technical report will be discussed in the ISO-plenary in may 2018.

May 22, 2017: ASL at ISO Conference in Malaysia

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