Rick Mans and Mark Smalley share some provocative thoughts about the democratization of the user community in their white paper IT Spring, innovative use of Social Media. How can Social Media be used to innovate processes in application management (ASL) and information management (BiSL)?

For many people, social media applications like Facebook and Twitter have changed their lives. They’re used to being connected directly with family and friends and also using social media to enhance how they shop and work. More information gives them more power and independence. Organizations that use social media to engage with their customers and colleagues benefit from having better relationships, leading to more loyalty and recommendations. Users of information systems often complain about the way they’re treated, so using social media is a clear opportunity to emancipate and engage the users, thereby benefitting from their knowledge and getting more return on the considerable investment in information systems.

Do you agree that Social Media will change the processes in application management? Or do you expect nothing of this? Please give us your vote, see Poll (at the right) and join the discussion on LinkedIn

12 aug 2011: Social Media and ASL & BiSL

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