Despite the crucial role that IT plays in the modern enterprise and its potential benefits when used strategically, many Boards of Directors resist interacting with their CIOs. The reasoning for this is because board members often lack a fundamental understanding of IT, and sometimes even mistrust IT people and their leader, the CIO.  To make matters worse, CIOs often do not mesh well with their CXO team peers either, plunging below the “peer” status in the CXO team and earning the reputation of a “lower-case c” executive officer. Therefore, the CIO is faced with a digital catch-22. The Board of Directors doesn’t trust the CIO, but in order to build trust, the CIO has to have a seat at the table. The ASL BiSL Foundation has collaborated with the BRM Institute and has co-authored an article that explores this conundrum and shares a strategy for CIOs to win Board-level trust.

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19 jan 2016: How the CIO wins board-level trust

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