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During the plenary meeting of ISO (JTC 1/SC 7) in Paris in May 2011, an international study group has been formed to develop an international standard for application management, based on the approved New Work Item Proposal – ISO 16350 ‘Requirements for Application Management’.

logo_iso.gifThe ISO 16350 is based on the content of NEN 3434 and associated material like best practices from ASL and BiSL as well as the ballot results of the prior fast track (ISO 26500).

The Sub Committee 7 / Working Group 7 has established this study group with the objective to review, first of all, the terms of reference of the current 16350 project and seeking an agreement with all relevant stakeholders in SC 7.

The Study Group is chaired by Frances van Haagen (Netherlands) – NEN.
Its membership consists of representatives from several ISO Working Groups:
– Alec Dorling (UK) – wg10
– Jim Moore (IEEE) – wg 7
– Yongwang Zhao (China) – study group on SOA
– Rob Stroud (ISACA) – wg 40
– Alastair Walker (ZAF) – wg 25
– Anita Myrberg (SWE) – wg 25
– Lynda Cooper (UK) – wg 25
– Michael Crerar (USA)
and members of the ASL BiSL Foundation: Yvette Backer, Greet Mattheus and René Sieders (Netherlands).

The Study Group will submit its first report on October 15, 2011 for review by WG 7 at the ISO interim meeting in Mumbay in November 2011.

July 1, 2011: Study Group for ISO 16350 started

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