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The new version of the BiSL® framework book is now available in English. Members of ASL BiSL Foundation receive 15% discount when ordering at our bookshop.

This second, revised edition describes the process framework for business information management: the Business Information Services Library (BiSL®) – a public domain standard that is consistent with ITIL® and the Application Services Library (ASL®).

The main changes from the first English edition of 2007 are:
• Use of the term ‘business information management’ instead of ‘business administration and information management’:
• Improved and more consistent spelling of terms and concepts;
• Textual changes to improve the accessibility;
• Improved layout of text and illustrations.

BiSL establishes a bridge between IT and business processes, and between business information administrators and information managers. The BiSL process model provides an insight into all of the primary processes within their field of operations and into the relationship between the various processes. It offers a starting point for the improvement of these processes using best practices, amongst other things, and it provides uniform terminology.

This book is also the official literature for the BiSL Foundation exam.

March 1, 2012: New version BiSL® book available on June 15th

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