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The European Commission has taken the initiative to a ‘foundational body of knowledge’ (fBOK) for ICT Professionals. This is one of the results of the e-Skills program that runs for some time now. The  ultimate aim is at fostering the competences and the mobility of ICT practitioners in Europe.

Within this foundational BOK, ASL is mentioned as existing body of knowledge that can contribute to the areas ‘Software design & development’ and ‘Operations & service management’.

In this phase of the project, mappings are made between existing BOKs and the intended generic BOK. The ASL BiSL Foundation is as one of the first professional associations invited to controibute to this project. In addition to ASL, we will suggest to include in the scope the ISO 16350. This is the international standard for application management, based on ASL, that is published in August 2015. Also, we will propose BiSL as BOK for business information management, a field that is closely linked to ICT.

Download relevant documents here:
2012 Brochure Fostering the ICT Profession in Europe
20150222 ESkills Promotion of ICT Professionalism in Europe - ICT fBOK

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June 6, 2016: European Commission mentions ASL in ICT ‘foundational Body of Knowledge’

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