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Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) and the ASL BiSL Foundation are pleased to share the results of their collaboration in compiling a brief overview of BRMI’s BRMBOK™ and the ASL BiSL Foundation’s BiSL® framework. This combination offers enhanced opportunities to unlock business value from investments in information and technology.

Aleksandr Zhuk, Co-founder of BRMI, says: “Effective collaboration is the foundation for delivering exceptional business value. We have been successfully collaborating with ASL BiSL Foundation for some time and are happy to expand our cooperation to streamline knowledge sharing between our organizations to further benefit our professional communities.”

Lucille van der Hagen, Managing Director ASL BiSL Foundation, says “In a world that is often characterized by silos, we are delighted to be building bridges with a like-minded professional membership organization such as BRMI.”

Download the white paper here:
2015-10 White Paper BRMBOK and BiSL

Oct 19, 2015: BRMBOK and BiSL – together strong

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