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In this book, Yvette Backer describes ten cases of winners of the ASL BiSL Awards and Trophy.

omslag asl en bisl praktijkcases

The development of Application Services Library ASL® and Business Information Services Library BiSL® started in Netherlands ten to fifteen years ago.  In recent years, many large and small organizations have been inspired  by these libraries to professionalize their information management.
The ASL BiSL Foundation that manages these libraries, has in recent years rewarded organizations for their application of ASL and BiSL through awards and a trophy.
In order to be able to learn from these practices, ten winners of the awards and trophy election have been interviewed to hear their story about the election. Why did they enter their case, what were the benefits of the application of ASL BiSL for their organization, what was it like to win a price and how did they develop afterwards. Their experiences are chronicled in this bundle.


This book can be ordered at Academic Service, ISBN 9789462451254.

2014: ASL® and BiSL® Case studies

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