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During the week of July 21, 2014 the first authorized BiSL (Business Information Services Library) course offering in the USA was held in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota for professionals interested in learning about the content of the framework and preparing for BiSL Foundation certification.

A small vibrant group of participants engaged with Instructor Lex Scholten of the Netherlands exploring:
→ The theory that supports the BiSL framework;
→The BISL Framework ;
→ Potential applications  across the diverse industries represented by the participants.

These enthusiastic  “trail blazers”  offered positive feedback concerning the content of the framework and the potential for improving business and IT relations. The inaugural US class members came from a predominantly IT perspective and recognized both the benefits of introducing BISL and the challenges of doing so from the “IT side”.

Benefits of Business Information Management included recognizing  a promising play in requirements gathering  for successful  Service Level Management, and a role in clarifying responsibilities along the workflows associated with Request Fulfillment.

On the challenging side, there  was a general sense that an IT based recommendation to institute BiSL would meet with some resistance from the business side of the equation.  Class members held a range of experience with ITIL and levels of certification. For those with greater hands on ITIL delivery experience, the BiSL framework provided what appeared to be another dimension to a service managed approach.

For all, BiSL was recognized as offering a new and collaborative set of content that could be leveraged alongside service management practices to improve communications and relationships between business users and IT suppliers.

For more information, please mail to lex.scholten@aslbislfoundation.org

First BiSL Foundation Training in USA

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